Children’s day in Mexico: April 30th

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Children’s day in Mexico: April 30th


 Día del Niño en México: Abril 30


Article by Valeria Castellanos




 In Mexico, April 30th is known as Children’s day or “Día del Niño”. In this day, leisure places such as movie theatres, the circus and parks hold children-oriented activities to celebrate them. Restaurants and malls often organize special events to entertain children. Parents may choose to buy their children a present. Though it is not an official holiday, schools often suspend classes and instead hold festivals or organize fun activities within the school for the students’ enjoyment. 





Mexico has celebrated Children’s Day on April 30th since 1924, when the Secretary of Education, Jose Vasconcelos, as a response to the first Declaration of the Rights of the Child by the League of Nations in Geneva. This declaration, which was expanded and adopted by the UN in 1959, emphasizes children’s right to be understood and loved by their parents, to free education and leisure activities, and to be protected against cruelty or exploitation, among others.


Children’s day gives families, schools and the general public an opportunity to celebrate children’s innocence, playfulness and positive character. It is not uncommon to see adults join in the celebration by dressing up, participating in the celebrations as active organizers, and even playing with children. This tradition is quite widespread in Mexico, and most families make a point of celebrating Children’s day.








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