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Gofundme Campaign 


Hello friendly Manitobans and Mexican Canadians. The Mex Y Can Association of Manitoba  Inc is hosting a gofundme campaign to help as many Mexican people as possible affected by the September 08, 19 and 23 2017 catastrophic earthquakes in Mexico.

No donation is too small, every little bit helps. These funds will be dispersed to trusted and accountable civil organizations in Mexico to help fund the continued rescue and recovery efforts. Your generosity is very much appreciated.


¡Gracias Amigos! 





As we approach to our funding goal, Mex Y Can has created an internal Donations Committee who has been in charge of compiling a list of tentative Mexican civil organizations where the funds will go. We listened to all input received from the community in Manitoba as well as conducted a thorough research for reliable organizations. 


A criteria for selection was developed and 5 finalist organizations have made it through. One focus of the selection criteria is that organizations will help rural communities.


The Board of Directors is in the process of reviewing the information compiled and the proposal from the organizations that show how the funds would be allocated. Only 3 organizations will be selected by the Board of Directors representing the registered members of the Association. The total funds from the GoFunding campaign plus the Mex Y Can donation will be equally allocated to each organization after processing fees, if any. 


Some of the office space of two selected organizations was affected by the earthquakes and communication was a bit challenging resulting in some delays to receive information, but now all documentation is in place. Once a decision is reached a formal announcement will follow. Thank you. 











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Mex Y Can Association of Manitoba Inc. nació el 5 de septiembre del 2003 como un esfuerzo de un grupo de mexicanos de contar con una organización cultural Mexicana en la provincia canadiense de Manitoba. La Asociación fue constituida como un cuerpo corporativo sin fines de lucro, sin inclinación política y laica cuyo objetivo es el reunir a mexicanos que residen en Manitoba para promover actividades que motiven lazos de amistad, entendimiento y cordialidad entre sus miembros, asi como preservar la cultura Mexicana en el extranjero. Mex Y Can promueve y fomenta la cultura mexicana y sus tradiciones por medio de la organización de eventos de carácter social, cultural, artístico, académico y atlético en Manitoba. 


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